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Can Armony Hub Learn Rf Commands? – Fine, the answer is no. All harmony models, with the new harmony 300, can only control IR (infrared) devices. Harmony remotes cannot control RF devices.

Can You Use 2 Harmony Concentrators?

Yes, you can have two different hub configurations in the same house with different sets of configurations. As long as you don’t change the remotes and try to control, you should do it right.

How Do I Connect Multiple Harmony Centers To Alexa?


Using the Amazon Alexa app, circumnavigate to Menu> Skills and Games and Harmony Search.

After that, Tap the search result for the blue harmony skill, and then enable.

When prompted to log in to your harmony account, be sure to select the same method used when you first set up your remote.

Does Harmony 950 Work Without A Center?

The main difference between Harmony 950 and the elite is that the 950 doesn’t come with the harmony HUB and the choice does. A hub is what lets you use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or IR blasters to control certain components, as well as integrate smart home devices into your home theater setup.

Can You Use Logitech Harmony Elite Without A Hub?

You can program the elite to use IR without the HUB.

Are All Logitech Harmony Centers The Same?

If the purchase of new harmony centers are all the same through the packages, just be careful with older/used centers, as there was a difference and it may not work.

How Much Does Harmony Pro Cost?

The product is the Logitech Harmony Pro Touchscreen remote with harmony HUB included. They will be available this month at $399 exclusively through commercial and residential installers.

Does Harmony’s Elite Have Voice Control?

When Logitech Harmony and Amazon Alexa work together, it brings the power of voice to the home entertainment center. * Alexa supports Logitech Harmony Elite, Companion (Formally Home Control), Smart Control, Ultimate, Ultimate Home, and Harmony Hub.