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Milliseconds to Seconds Converter

If you need to convert milliseconds to seconds, here is a converter that will make your calculations much more accessible. You may easily switch from ms to s.

Too easy. In the matching box, you must write the number of seconds you want to convert to milliseconds and click the convert button. This converter is used to go from seconds to milliseconds. If you want to calculate in reverse (from milliseconds to seconds) or know the equivalence of other time units, you must look for the converter you need at Converworld.

Formula to go from Milliseconds to Seconds

Formula to go from milliseconds to seconds

You have to apply this formula to go from milliseconds to seconds.

1 millisecond = seconds * 0.001

milliseconds, time

A millisecond is the period that corresponds to the thousandth fraction of a second (0.001s).

Enter the number of Milliseconds you want to convert in the text box to view the results in the table.

How to convert Milliseconds to Seconds

1 [Milliseconds] = 0.001 [Seconds]

[Seconds] = [Milliseconds] / 1000

To convert Milliseconds to Seconds, divide Milliseconds / 1000.

Milliseconds to Seconds conversion

Milliseconds to Seconds conversion

  • 94 Milliseconds to Seconds
  • 94 [ms] / 1000 = 0.094 [s]
  • Conversion table
  • milliseconds        Seconds
  • 0.01ms  1.0E-5s
  • 0.1ms    0.0001s
  • 1ms        0.001s
  • 2ms        0.002s
  • 3ms        0.003s
  • 4ms        0.004s
  • 5ms        0.005s
  • 10ms     0.01s
  • 15ms     0.015s
  • 50ms     0.05s
  • 100ms   0.1s
  • 500ms   0.5s
  • 1000ms 1s

This tool converts milliseconds to seconds and vice versa. One millisecond = 0.001 seconds. The user must fill in one of the two fields, and the conversion will automatically occur.

Milliseconds to Seconds

Milliseconds to Seconds

Enter any integer or decimal value to use our converter and the computation will be performed automatically.

When you press the button, our tool will reset your computation.

The results are always rounded to the nearest ten digits. Use the formula further below for greater precision.

Conversions that are often used include, for example:

Centiseconds to Seconds

From 5000 milliseconds to seconds

10000 milliseconds equals seconds

It’s worth noting that the sign for milliseconds is ms, while the symbol for seconds is s.

The maths will be reviewed in the following section of this article.

Conversion  Milliseconds to Seconds

Conversion  Milliseconds to Seconds

One second is equal to 1000 milliseconds. As a result, to convert milliseconds to seconds, divide the amount of milliseconds by 1000.

The formula is as follows: [s] = [ms] / 1000

For example, five hundred milliseconds in seconds is 500 / 1000 = 0.5 second.

Converting Milliseconds to Seconds in Excel

Excel is an excellent tool for managing time data and calculating times in various units. An Excel file expresses time in days, hours, minutes, seconds, or milliseconds. A millisecond is now a tiny unit of time. You’ve come to the right place if you need to convert millisecond numbers to seconds. In this post, I will demonstrate two easy methods for converting milliseconds to seconds in Excel.

Simple Methods for Converting Milliseconds to Seconds in Excel

Assume we have six millisecond time values. Now, we must convert them to seconds. We can achieve this goal in any of the ways listed below.

Sample Dataset to show how to Convert Milliseconds to Seconds in Excel

We utilized the Office 365 edition of Microsoft Excel in this post. But don’t worry! All of these methods are available in any Excel version. If you have any issues with the arrangements, please leave a remark below.

Using the Excel Division Function

The Excel division function is the most straightforward and efficient way to convert milliseconds to seconds. Follow the steps mentioned below to do this.

First, click on the C5 cell and enter the following formula.


After that, press the Enter key.

Convert Milliseconds to Seconds in Excel Using the Division Function

After that, move your pointer to the bottom right corner of the C5 cell.

A black fill handle will then emerge.

Drag it down to duplicate the same formula for all cells below.

Drag the Fill Handle downward to duplicate the same formula.

As a result, all of the seconds’ values will be transformed from milliseconds’ values. For instance, the result should look like this.

Using the Paste Special Function

Another option is using Excel’s Paste Special tool to convert milliseconds to seconds. Follow the procedures below to do this.

First and foremost, choose the millisecond values (B5:B10 in this case).

Then, from the context menu, right-click your mouse and select Copy.

Millisecond Values Copy

Then, right-click on the C5 cell and select Paste Values from the context menu.

Copy and Paste Millisecond Values

At this point, enter 1000 in another cell (D5).

Fill the D5 cell with 1000.

Right-click on the D5 cell now.

Then, from the context menu, select the Copy option.

Make a copy of the cell value

Finally, select the C5:C10 cells and right-click your mouse.

After that, from the context menu, select Paste Special.

Converting Milliseconds to Seconds in Excel Using the Paste Special Feature

The Paste Special window will appear as a consequence.

Then, under the Operation group, select the Divide option by clicking the radio button.

After that, press the OK button.

Copy Special Window

As a result, all millisecond values will be converted to second values. And the end outcome would be something like this.


So, in this post, I demonstrated two easy methods for converting milliseconds to seconds in Excel. Please read the entire article and put it into practice. I hope you found this helpful essay and educational. If you have any more questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section.

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