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How to see who follows you on Facebook

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How to see who follows you on Facebook – This is a worrying security issue if you have noticed a sudden and drastic change in your follower count. Especially when you don’t know the people following you, your data can be susceptible to hackers and stalkers.

So, in this article, we’ll learn how to find out who’s following you on Facebook, how to delete them, how to manage followers, and more.

See who follows you on Facebook via iPhone/Android

Y The Facebook mobile app lets you easily see who is following you and your follower count

Here is how you can check who is following you on Facebook in these steps:

Open your Facebook profile page.

Under your basic info, tap the Show your information on secYouere you can see additional information, such as groups, pages you like, etc. At the bottom, you can find the Groups section.

On the side, tap on the See All option to see the complete list of your followers.

In the upper right angle, you can see the number of people who follow you on this list.

See who follows you on Mac/Windows

This is how you can see the list of followers on Facebook on your computer.

Open your Facebook profile page.

Under your profile picture and basic information, you can see sections like Movies, Music, Messages, Friends, etc. Click Friends.

You can see more sections, such as Recently Added, College, High School, etc. Click More.

In the menu, click Subscribers. Here you can see the full lean of your followers.

If you click Follow, you can see everyone you follow on Facebook.

Survey Followers on Facebook Business Page

In addition to likes on Facebook Pages, you can also see followers on your Facebook Page. This is different from tastes. People can like your Facebook page and not follow it or follow you but not like your page.

This is how you can see the list of followers of your Facebook business page.

Open Facebook and go to Pages.

Open the Facebook page you created.

Scroll down to find the piece where you can see post stats, likes, and reach. Under the number of likes, you can see your number of followers.

To see who’s on your subscriber list, open your page and go to your settings in the top right corner.

From the left panel menu, select People & Other Pages. Here you can see the data of people who liked your page and those who followed you.

How to remove Facebook followers?

Unfortunately, there is no option to remove/remove followers or just specific people from the follower’s list. However, there are several ways to change who can follow your personal Facebook account or page.


ou can follow these steps below:

On mobile:

Open Facebook and tap the three lines in the lower right corner to access the menu.

Go to Settings and Privacy.

In the left panel, select Public Posts. You can now see the Who can follow me option. It may have been set to Public, so you’re getting unknown subscribers.

Tap on it and select Friends. This action will only allow people on your friendfriend’sd’s follow you.

You can stay safe from unwanted subscribers and increase your account security.

On PC:

Open Facebook and click the down-pointing arrow in the app to access the menu in the upper proper cornering and privacy, then Settings.

Click Public Posts.

In the Who can follow me option, change the setting to Friends.

block subscribers

If you want to remove a specific person from your follower’s list, it is best to block them. Blocking someone will prevent them from following you, messaging you, or viewing your profile.

If you want to remove someone from your follower’s list but don’t want to block them, you can stop them and then unblock them.

Delete subscribers by country

Another easy way to remove followers is to restrict them to certain countries. People in the selected country will not be able to search for your page on their Facebook. This option will automatically remove them from your list of subscribers.

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