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Stamen Grigorov – The man who taken us yogurt

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Stamen Grigorov is the man who discovered and holds the title of discovering the bacteria that creates the world’s favorite food, namely yogurt. We take a appearance at the man and dig a little deeper.

Grigorov Stamen

Stamen Grigorov was a microbiologist by profession. His curiosity brought us Lactobacillus bulgaricus, along with a bit of nostalgia and memories.

Very shortly after the microbiolist, Stamen Grigorov got married in Bulgaria, he left home and went to work at his graduate school at the Geneva Medical University.

The university was in Switzerland, so he had to leave his newlywed house to go to other country.

The new job was a study assistant job and to remember his wife with something, Stamen Grigorov took with him a clay pot of his newlywed girlfriend’s Bulgarian yogurt, which was homebased.

The initial discovery

It should be renowned that historically, yogurt was a central and integral part of the food in Bulgaria at the time, and had been for century.

Homes used to make their own yogurt and while they were making it they would put it in clay pots.

Such was the same clay pot that Stamen received from Mrs. Grigorov when he left home for a foreign country.

Around that time, in the early 20th century , there was also research already heralding remarkable claims about the health benefits of yogurt.

This attention and importance piqued Stamen Grigorov’s curiosity, and perhaps remembering his newlywed wife, he put some yogurt on a slide and, reluctant to taste it ( perhaps ), took a microscopic look.

But who was Stamen Grigorov?

The microbiologist and physician was born on October 27, 1878 . He was a famous personality and was born in a quiet village in the province of Pernik in Bulgaria.

He completed his education ( high school ) at Natural Sciences in Montpellier , France. She then went on to complete her advancement in the medicinal field in Geneva, Switzerland.

At the age of 27 , Stamen Grigorov discover the bacteria responsible for the creation of yogurt.

The discovery of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus

It was the day 1905 in which a new newlywed, Stamen Grigorov, worked in the microbiology laboratory of Professor Leon Massol.

After putting a slide of yogurt under the microscope, he discovered that a particular strain of bacteria was responsible for the famous food.

Soon, the bacteria produced became the property of a state company that patented the bacteria.

The company promoted a mix of bacteria strains that is labeled as the authorized Bulgarian yogurt.

This is exported to many states around the world, generating a lot of profit for the country.


Surprisingly, the central motivation behind this discovery, which was Stamen Grigorov ‘s wife , is lost to history.

We don’t know how your wife reacted when the famous microbiologist discovered such a vital bacteria in her homebased yogurt.

This specific yogurt made history and not only put Bulgaria on the map, but also changed the industry of the entire country.

But it should be noted that the discovery took times and hours of staring into the lens of a microscope.

In the year 1905 , the microbiologist exposed the rod-shaped bacteria that transforms milk into yogurt.

The bacterium Lactobacillus bulgaricus feeds on lactose and then produces a specific set of fatty doses.

As a effect, we are left with a kind of thick and slightly creamy substance that makes food tasty and enjoyed all over the world.

Before the discovery

It has been observed since ancient times that farmers and people have fed their families on dairy products for thousands of years.

Perhaps it was by chance that products derived from milk were discovered, but this creamy and transformed product is the value that fermented milk brings.

Bulgaria, the Middle East and Central Asia have a history of such converted dairy products.

Especially where the topography allows such crops to form, such as in hot climates, these types of products are found.

These are places where the bulgaricus microorganisms flourished and feed on lactose to produce yogurt.

Legacy of Stamen Grigorov

One glacier is called Grigorov Glacier and it is located on Brabant Island in Antarctica. This is named afterward Stamen Grigorov.

Stamen Grigorov has also underwritten to the action of tuberculosis. This happened in the day 1906 with Albert Calmette.

They obvious to use penicillin mushrooms for treatment. Stamen used experiments on laboratory animals and later on humans to show the benefits of penicillin mushrooms.

This was done in the handling of tuberculosis.

What was yogurt before the discovery?

Just before the discovery of Lactobacillus bulgaricus by Stamen Grigorov in the year 1905, there were some scientists who published articles about the longevity in life that yogurt offered.

This was the time when people outside of Europe and the Middle East were not aware of the term yogurt.

Because Stamen Grigorov played a important role in providing scientific backing for Bulgarian yogurt along with other scientists, the introduction of yogurt baffled the unaware part of Europe.

This scientifically established healthy yogurt was fast becoming the foodie’s choice.

Commercial yogurt produced some discrepancies

Soon, in the 1920s , yogurt was commercialized. This publicly available yogurt was found to be no match for the Bulgarian yogurt that played a vital role in Stamen Grigorov’s discovery.

Commercial producers used cow’s milk instead of sheep’s, which turned out to be the main difference.

The Bulgarians used sheep’s milk and used their own batches of the bulgaricus strain, while extensive and industrial production proved to be different from the home strains.

This was perhaps due to the strict standardized procedures used by the industries. As is commonly found, domestic processes are different from industrialized processes.

For example, it introduces measurements, scales, and other SOPs to produce its version of superior products, while homes use processes that include naturally occurring microflora.

Yogurt as we know it today

After witnessing this change, the Bulgarian state obvious to take action. Bulgarian yogurt was ahead popularity day by day and had almost become a national icon of the country.

The country had also recently been absorbed into the Warsaw Pact and the vast Soviet influence.

In 1949 , microbiologists from the Bulgarian state visited households and took samples of various strains of bulgaricus to find the one that best fit them all.

This was done to make an official yogurt that Bulgaria would become known for.

To date, Bulgaria owns the proprietary strain of the strain discovered by Stamen Grigorov, which is very popular. It also owns exclusive exportation rights.

On his 67th birthday, Stamen Grigorov met his demise on October 27, 1945 .

Recently, Google also celebrated the late microbiologist, and people all over the world will remember him every time they try yogurt as their favorite food.
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