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What are the Symptoms Of Scabies?

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The Symptoms Of Scabies skin is always exposed to different harmful elements, it is essential that it is kept as protected as possible. Therefore, it is possible that conditions may occur that alter its structure . One of them is scabies.

Next we will see what this disease is about, what its symptoms and causes are. We will also discuss effective treatments for its removal.

What is scabies?

According to the Mayo Clinic, a trusted website, scabies is an itchy, inflamed skin condition that appears when a mite lands on the skin and begins to burrow . These organisms are known as Sarcoptes scabiei. That is one of the reasons why this disease is also known as scabies.

The situation can worsen even more if measures are not taken in time, resulting in the mite laying eggs on the skin and these new organisms hatching , making the condition much worse.

In addition, it should not be gone that the disease is contagious , so if one member of the family suffers from it, it is possible that everyone will have it. At this point we want to make a clarification: the mite that causes the disease in people is not the same one that produces it in animals, so it would be impossible to get infected if the affected person is a pet.

Scabies Symptoms

Among the symptoms of scabies, itchy skin is the most frequent. The itching may increase or decrease, depending on the activity of the mite. When it begins to penetrate the skin to lay eggs, it is when this discomfort has a greater intensity.

Another of the symptoms that this condition presents are the marks on the skin , caused by the excavation carried out by the mites. These can be in the form of grooves or blisters . There is no specific area where they can appear, so it is always good to be vigilant, especially if you feel a lot of itching in one area of ​​the body.

The presence of rashes and even ulcers is also indicative of scabies. In the case of some people, the complete picture of the disease appears gradually, but as the National Library of Medicine of the United States points out , after a maximum of 6 weeks, all the symptoms will have been had.

 Causes of Scabies

The cause of scabies, and all the symptoms that accompany it, are related to the process carried out by the female mite, which gives rise to the entire condition. Let’s see how it unfolds.


The female mite is located in her skin, specifically, under her, the perfect place to lay the eggs.


The eggs need at least 3 weeks to hatch. When they do, the moment of greatest intensity of the symptoms arrives.

Disease Spread

The large number of larvae present lead to a worsening of the disease, both in the place of origin and in other areas of the body.

Body Defense

The immune system of our body recognizes the presence of mites and releases elements for their elimination, which combine and also produce burning and more itching.