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Where is Aromatherapy Applied?

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Aromatherapy is applied through inhalation, which can be done through direct aspiration of essential oils. Essential oils can also be applied to the skin, so aromatherapy treatments through massages are very common.

How long does an aromatherapy session last?

Generally, aromatherapy sessions last between 1 hour and 90 minutes.

What does aromatherapy treat?

What is aromatherapy? Technique derived from herbalism that uses plant compounds and essential oils extracted from flavored plants to improve health and mood through inhalation or application of the oils to the skin.

What oil is used for anatomical massages?

There is a great plurality of massage oils, among which the essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, and almonds stand out, which are distinguished from each other, eminently, by their therapeutic properties and their specific benefits.

What is the purpose of aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an alternative therapy option based on the use of natural or essential oils extracted from plants, flowers, herbs or trees. Its determination is to sponsor health and well-being as a general rule.

How is an aromatherapy session carried out?

Often, an aromatherapy session begins with an interview during which you must answer certain questions about your personality, your interests, your general health and specific symptoms. The responses assist the therapist in deciding which type of odor best suits your needs.17 Sep 2012

How to use heat effect oil?

You just have to apply a small amount of this oil in the desired area and spread gently on the skin, leaving a stimulating and pleasant sensation. – Heat effect. – Delicious and also intense flavor. – Increases sensitivity and sensations.

What is shunga oil?

Product Description Shunga Exciting Oil is an unusual pleasure enhancer specially created to offer and strengthen sensations in the erogenous zones of both men and women.

It is used in skin antisepsis in a 4 percent aqueous solution with a cleansing base for pre-surgical anatomical washing of the patient and surgical hand washing. Due to its affinity with the skin, it has a remnant action that lasts for several hours. On wounds, it is used at a concentration of 0.1 percent or 0.5 percent in diluted solution.

What is chlorhexidine soap?

Chlorhexidine soap is an aseptic that is normally used before a person undergoes surgery or by health professionals to clean wounds, to minimize the risk of infection.

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