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What is Physical Fitness?

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Physical Fitness: It is the aptitude of the human body to perform different physical events efficiently, delaying the onset of exhaustion and reducing the time needed to recover. This results in the proper functioning of the organs, devices and systems of the human body , due to the periodic and continuous performance of physical activities.

Physical fitness has a number of definitions, a doctor would say that it is the absence of diseases , the American Medical Association defines it as the general ability to adapt and respond favorably to physical efforts; but the definition that best suits our purposes is the one given by Subiela (1978), who says that it is a state of general well-being that depends on three factors that the author calls motor aptitude, state of health and psychological attitudes .

Motor aptitude talks about the conditions of certain qualities or physical valences of the body, Among Which We Have:

  1. Flexibility.
  2. The force .
  3. The power .
  4. The resistance .
  5. Coordination
  6. The speed .

Puig (1988), gives us a more complete definition of motor aptitude: He considers it as the capacity for physical work that depends on cardiovascular and respiratory functions and the level of muscular efficiency .

This definition involves the local qualities of skeletal muscle with cardio-respiratory activity, functions that are physiologically inseparable.

In reference to the Psychological Attitudes, Subiela lists the following: motivation , optimism and willpower that prepare the individual to carry out demanding activities.

“It can be said then that physical fitness is the result of the joint action of a large number of bodily functions.”

Define Elements Of Physical Fitness

It is very easy to distinguish people who have adequate physical fitness, everywhere you will find people who are strong, fast, resistant and agile; She also has a very beautiful body and they learn very well all the sports that are taught to them. Also in our community there are people of different ages who demonstrate excellent physical conditions.

Name The Basic Elements Of Physical Fitness

For the improvement of physical fitness, the different physical qualities of the organism must be developed. These physical qualities are classified into:

  1. Aerobic Capacity
  2. Overall resistance
  3. Anaerobic potential
  4. Muscular endurance
  5. Muscle power
  6. Muscle strength
  7. Speed
  8. Flexibility
  9. Joint mobility
  10. Muscle stretching

A typical interval lasts between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, with a recovery lasting at least as long as the interval. In reality, the recovery should be longer, especially if the interval is long, and the activity is at its maximum intensity. Almost all cyclists pedal uphill for maximum effect (especially on intervals that are longer than two minutes). In this way, the workload is easily controlled, quickly reaching the desired intensity zone.


Anaerobic training maximizes cardiovascular fitness and oxygen uptake. The body is trained to perform at its best at high intensity. Training takes place above the anaerobic threshold, or at 90-100% of maximum heart rate, and in intervals.

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