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Glatt Hair Straightening Cream

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Glatt Hair Straightening Cream: Correctly applied straightening keratin will make your hair stay smooth and shiny for at least 3 months, although this time can be lengthy to 6 or more, as long as you take care of your hair with ideal products compatible with keratin treatment.

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What is Glatt straightening?

Strait Styling Glatt is a system developed to permanently straighten naturally curly, wavy or twisted hair, achieving a natural straightening result. It gives a reliable system, which smoothes curly hair until it is perfectly straight.

How to apply Glatt hair straightening cream?

Apply Glatt straightening cream along the length of the hair, leaving a cm of root from the scalp. Distribute it gently, combing each strand with the applicator. The exposure time will be 20 minutes. Cover hair with plastic, apply auxiliary heat.

What is the straightening that lasts the longest?

The most used smoothing are the chemical, the Japanese and the Brazilian, they are also the most permanent. Other smoothing, such as Moroccan or taninoplasty, are less durable, but less violent. After straightening, certain precautions must be taken, such as not washing your hair for a few days or not using hair ties.

What can I do to make my straightening last longer?

  • Rinse the first time without shampoo. …
    – Use a salt-free shampoo. …
    – Avoid dandruff shampoos. …
    – Don’t pick up your hair. …
    – Use the dryer.
    – Use a barrier protector. …
    – Apply treatments.

What straightening is better for damaged hair?

Keratin treatment This treatment is ideal for damaged, weak or fragile hair since in a few sessions it can be recovered instead of assisting with a radical cut.

What is the Straightening Straightening?

Permanent straightening, also called “definitive straightening”, is a technique used to totally or partially suppress the natural wavy of curly or very frizzy hair. As a general rule, chemical products and elements of high temperatures are used to achieve a perfect level.

What is the straightening that does not damage the hair?

Brazilian or keratin It is the least permanent straightening of the 3, but also the least damaging to the hair and the most economical. In addition to this, its finish is more natural, and it leaves the hair more supple to make other types of hairstyles.