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The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Followers Guide

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Nowadays, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a popular video game in which gamers can recruit numerous followers to accompany them on their journeys across Tamriel’s massive open world. These followers can help you in battle, carry your belongings, and provide special skills or abilities.

Elder Scrolls vs. Skyrim Followers

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Followers Guide (1)


Skyrim followers are a diverse group of characters that you can recruit to accompany you on your adventures. They can provide valuable support in combat, carry your burdens, and even offer companionship.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a huge open world with treasure and peril around every corner. Skyrim, more than a decade after its release, still calls out to daring adventurers and explorers. This vast area, home to countless monsters and treasures, is also where you can meet (or hire) friends to help you on your quest.

Skyrim Followers

Here we go, all the details you need about Skyrim’s companions. From their skills to their death, we’ve got you covered. For anything else, check out our enchanting Skyrim, Skyrim Lydia, and Skyrim Serana guides.

Skyrim Followers: A blonde woman stands in a store in the foreground with another sweeping in the background behind a wooden counter in a screenshot from Skyrim.

Death of Skyrim Followers

Death of Skyrim Followers

Except for the crucial companions listed below, most Skyrim companions can die without accompanying you. Be cautious if combat begins in a region where one of these followers is not actively attached to you.

Since companions are following you, they cannot die quickly. When an enemy becomes low on health, the companion becomes incapacitated. They can still die in this state, but the enemy will stop attacking them. Once incapacitated, you must move the fight away from them to prevent one of the enemies from hitting them again, even if they aren’t targeting them.

You can, however, kill your followers with your own hands. This means you also need to be careful where you are swinging. The number of times I’ve personally killed a follower while playing a ranged build is more than I’m happy to admit. If you’re worried about this, don’t forget to save often.

Skyrim Followers: A dragon flies in a wintry sky above a large mountain pass on which a soldier with a horned helmet stands in a screenshot from Skyrim.

Skyrim follower disappeared

There are a few things you can try to remedy if your Skyrim buddy goes missing:

Please find a new follower, invite them to join you, and then return to the original follower’s home to locate them.

  • Rapid trip to your final destination
  • Rest in a bed
  • Start the game again.

In general, the first of these alternatives has always worked for me throughout over a decade of playing this game regularly, but there are more possibilities if you require them.

Skyrim Followers: Three skeletons stood in tattered armor wielding makeshift weapons in a stone dungeon in a screenshot from Skyrim.

Skyrim Followers Gear


You can freely exchange items with your followers by conversing with them. Ask them to carry better equipment if you desire it. You can’t force them to use it, but Skyrim buddies usually utilize the best.

You can also employ them as a mule (“I swore to carry your burdens,” Lydia says dryly). Give them all your hefty dragon bones, and you can continue traveling at full speed.

Skyrim Follower List

Below is a list of all Skyrim companions, where to find them, and how to get them as followers. There are almost a hundred followers, so brace yourself – this is long.

Some of the mandatory missions listed below require decisions. Don’t make a decision that will offend the Skyrim fan you want to join you. For example, if you kill Cicero in The Cure for Madness task, you can’t have him as a follower.

Popular and valuable followers in Skyrim:

Serana (Dawnguard DLC): Serena is a powerful vampire and a central character in the Dawnguard DLC quest line. She is a skilled fighter and spellcaster who can summon creatures to aid in battle.

J’zargo (College of Winterhold): J’zargo is a Khajiit mage who can be found at the College of Winterhold. He is a loyal and helpful companion and can be a valuable asset to any Dragonborn proficient in magic.

Lydia (Whiterun): Lydia is a housecarl given to you by the Jarl of Whiterun after you complete the quest “Bleak Falls Barrow.” She is a skilled sword-and-board fighter who is always eager to help her thane.

Aela the Huntress (Companions): Aela is a member of the Companions, a faction of warriors based in Whiterun. She is a skilled archer and werewolf, always up for a good fight.

Marcurio (Riften): Marcurio is a Breton mage who can be hired as a follower in Riften. He is a skilled spellcaster who can offer various magical support services.

Additional Information About Skyrim Followers

  • It would help to meet certain conditions before an NPC becomes your follower (see the following list).
  • You can have humanoid followers as well as animal followers.
  • You can equip followers with additional or better weapons and armor to make them even more valuable assets in combat situations.
  • When sneaking, your followers will sneak with you.
  • All the parameters around successful stealth apply to followers, as well. (For example, a follower with Heavy Armor will probably relinquish your position despite your prudence.)
  • Some followers will use a bow when you use a bubble if the follower has a bow equipped and the target is not at close range.

If you give a torch to a follower, they will use it to light the way at night or in a dark area. The follower can do this even when holding a two-handed weapon like a great sword.

A follower cannot accept additional items from you once their weight limit is reached.  You may, however, get them to carry more than this limit by dropping items and commanding the follower to pick them up.  (This might be a bug, as it does not appear to make the follower move slower.)

When followers’ health becomes too low, they will stop fighting and crawl on the ground. The follower can be killed in this state, but if you are near, enemy combatants will turn their attention to you instead.


When choosing a follower, it is essential to consider their combat skills, personality, and overall usefulness. Some followers are better suited for close combat, while others are better suited for ranged combat. Some followers are also more skilled at magic than others. And some followers are more likable than others.


Q: In Skyrim, how many followers can you have?

Answer: This answer can and always has been modified using mods in Elder Scrolls games. Having said that, the standard game only allows you to have one humanoid follower and one non-humanoid companion, such as Barbas.

Q: Is it possible to discover followers in Skyrim?

Answer: Unfortunately, the answer is yes for those of us who, like some of the followers, have a weaker talent in the sneak department. Lydia, along with the brothers Vilkas and Farkas, is infamous in the Skyrim community for this. As a result, if you’re considering a thief/sneaker character build, these followers might not be for you.

Q: How can followers be recruited for the Blades?

Answer: Delphine at Sky Haven Temple may initiate almost all followers into the blades. You only need to converse with her, and she will gladly initiate up to three followers. Some cannot join, though, and you can probably guess who they are: Cicero, Serana, and the Dark Brotherhood Initiates.

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