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fast weight loss center price – in 2022

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fast weight loss center price – in 2022

Launched in 2001, Rapid Weight Loss Centers provide personalized weight loss treatment, helping you lose weight, all without exercising or cutting out the foods you love from your diet, with its line of nutrition and dietary supplements.

Heard frequently on the radio show Rush Limbaugh, a popular radio host who lost 80 pounds in 2009; this Florida-based company has helped hundreds lose weight.

The company has only a few local physical centers in Florida and Texas. Still, those who don’t live nearby can benefit from an online-only program developed to help anyone around the world use the program from the comfort their

How much does the rapid weight loss center cost?

Rapid Weight Loss Center prices depend highly on the type of food you purchase for your plan, as all packages will be different. If you aspect at the site, you will announce say you can start for just €9 a week; however, when you look at the fine print, it will say that you will need to include the cost of supplements which makes a lot of people who have tried the program upset about this marketing claim.

Based on our online research, supplements can be closer to €70 per week or around €300 per month when added to the total. These prices would cover the accessories and personalized assistance, NOT the food needed to follow your diet plan, and from what we could find, these will be necessary to see the full results of the program. For example, an online article breaks down the prices of trade supplements and registration fees for someone who took a photo of the book inside the center.

The at-home program, affording to the Diet Choices website, will cost around €449 for a six-week source. You can also take an aspect at the fee for supplements and other associated items on the leading site.

With numerous people sharing their experiences and spending online, we decided to break down all the information we discovered online and include it in the list below:

Prices reported online:

  • Someone lost six quid in 1 week and paid around €70 a week just for supplements
  • One person lost around 15 pounds, and the pills and protein bars cost him €72 a week.
  • Somebody paid €2,500 for the “platinum” plan (they didn’t specify how long this lasts)
  • Someone paid €379 to sign up + €35 for extras and was asked to pay €1,400 to commit for the whole year
  • Someone gave an estimation of €1,050. However, the sale raised the rate to €607 for the six weeks
  • Someone received a quote of €4,437 for 23 weeks of products + the consultation
  • For someone, the total weight loss plan averaged €233 per pound
  • Another quote was €1,500 for 14 weeks
  • Someone signed up for €195 and paid around €35 ​​a week for the “quick bites.”
  • They averaged around $60 a pound after they were done with the show

In a Yelp review for downtown Houston, Texas, someone noted that the TV business they saw, marketing £20 for €20, was a ” scam .” When they got the quote, the total was over €500, saying they felt it was a program to sell the business supplements. Another customer on the page noted that he was not satisfied to learn that he could buy the same accessories online, for up to €25 less, than the ones offered by the company.

How does the program work?

The online program lasts for six weeks and is designed to allow you to get assistance from certified weight loss professionals by email or phone, all while following a particular diet plan and supplement routine. However, if you join a physical location, you can meet in person to discuss expected results and goals while participating in the program three times per week.

As soon as you register, you’ll begin working with the center’s specialist to develop a personalized eating plan for your body. Taking in about 1,500 calories per day, depending on your body profile, you’ll need to shop for food according to recommendations, which, based on our online research, can range from pancakes for breakfast to turkey and seafood for dinner. They also offer their protein bars, shakes, and tablets, and everyone tries to push you to get them. Moreover, diet Choices has broken down most foods in the central cookbook.

Quick Weight Loss Center Reviews

On a Yelp review page for the Houston, Texas spot, there were more than 14 accepted reviews and another 20  that weren’t recommended, with a growing average of 2 out of 5 stars.

The central Facebook leaf had more than 100 votes, 4.3 over the 5-star average.

The professionals

  1. The staff, for the most part, seems to be accommodating and very friendly at most centers.
  2. Lots of support throughout the program, helping you reach your weight loss goals as you need to come in 3 times a week.
  3. The diet plan is healthy and can help you lose more than just weight; it also helps lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, among other things.
  4. The plan, or its most significant, seems to be applied, and you can see fantastic results if you follow the program.

The cons

  1. The menu is limited, and you usually assume you only eat food at home, not restaurants, even though the business notes that you can “dine out.”
  2. The supplements and the program are expensive and will not be worth losing weight.
  3. misleading TV/radio ads. Many people ‘t they succumb to ads because they are not real; you will pay much more than the amount of the promotion.
  4. There are no medical professionals, nurses, or knowledgeable people on the website, just the typical employee with minimal experience and education.
  5. No cheats or reward days, so get ready to stick with the diet plan 24/7.
  6. No cash back guarantee.

Tips to keep in mind

Based on your Frequently Asked Questions, the company will give you a guarantee, specifying that as long as you follow the plan according to the guidelines provided, they will allow you to continue the program free of charge until you have lost the correct amount. Of weight; however, this will not include any supplements or other weight loss products you may need.

In many cases, your health insurance provider may cover this program if deemed medically necessary.
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