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What are Scabies prevention?

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Although it is true that scabies is caused by organisms that we cannot see with the naked eye, there are measures that we can take to avoid contagion.

Contact with infected

Being around anyone who has scabies should be avoided as much as possible. Remember that it is a highly contagious disease.


Mites can be eliminated, to a large extent, by maintaining good hygiene. Some even recommend washing clothes in hot water, for safety reasons.

Pack things up

This measure is one of the best because it leaves the mites without the possibility of feeding, making them die in a short time.

Scabies Treatment

Despite taking all preventive measures, it is possible that you can get scabies. What to do in these cases? It is time to go to a specialist doctor , who will be in charge of evaluating the period of the disease and the action to be followed. The University Clinic of Navarra recommends the use of medications such as the following.


Cream to be used topically. Its components are very effective in eliminating mites and their eggs.


If the use of creams does not work, Scabies prevention then this medicine can be used, which is consumed orally. A doctor’s authorization is required to do so.


Some medications are much stronger, such as those with sulfur and petroleum jelly. They should only be used if previous treatments have not worked.

Antihistamines can also remain used to treat scabies symptoms, but they should remain taken only on the recommendation of a doctor.

This is the reason why the aforementioned symptoms are suffered, especially when the disease is in its advanced stage. In fact, even if it is treated properly, eliminating the cause of this condition, it will probably take several weeks to stop feeling the itching and burning of the skin.


There are other treatments that can be followed, and that are considered homemade , because they use natural elements. Scabies prevention Although these cannot eliminate the presence of mites, they are effective in reducing the intensity of symptoms, especially if we talk about itchy skin.

For example, you can put oatmeal in a container and add enough water . This will let you to take benefit of the soothing properties of oatmeal. You can then take a bath using the mixture. Then, it is removed from the body using plenty of water

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