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What is Chlorhexidine Soap?

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Chlorhexidine Soap Desinclor Saponaceous Chlorhexidine 0.8 percent 500 ml Ideal product for skin disinfection. Complies with hospital disinfectant and fungicide rules UNE-EN 1276 and UNE EN 1650 INDICATIONS Aseptic for healthy skin. Staff handwashing, in each and every one of the cases that require hand disinfection.

What Kinds Of Chlorhexidine Are There?

– Alcoholic chlorhexidine.

– Diluted chlorhexidine.

– Saponaceous chlorhexidine.

What is Chlorhexidine for?

Chlorhexidine (CHX) is an aseptic mouthrinse that is considered the gold standard antimicrobial treatment in the chemical prevention of plaque formation and pyorrhea [1]. It not only inhibits the multiplication of plaque bacteria and diastases, but also eliminates them.

What is 4 percent chlorhexidine?

Hygiene, antisepsis and skin care. BactiScrub is an aseptic 4% saponaceous chlorhexidine gel for hygiene and antisepsis. The gel format ensures greater dermal absorption of chlorhexidine. Its composition with emollients and without anionic surfactants, favors the care and hydration of the skin.

What does chlorhexidine do to the skin?

Chlorhexidine is a medicine that works by inhibiting the development of microorganisms on the skin. This drug binds to the wall of the microorganism and increases the permeability of the wall, favoring the entry of water into the microorganism.

How many kinds of chlorhexidine are there?

– Alcoholic chlorhexidine.

– Diluted chlorhexidine.

– Saponaceous chlorhexidine.

How to use chlorhexidine soap?

It is used in skin antisepsis in a 4 percent aqueous solution with a cleansing base for pre-surgical anatomical washing of the patient and surgical hand washing. Due to its affinity with the skin, it has a remnant action that lasts for several hours. On wounds, it is used at a concentration of 0.1 percent or 0.5 percent in diluted solution.

What is chlorhexidine soap?

Chlorhexidine soap is an aseptic that is normally used before a person undergoes surgery or by health professionals to clean wounds, to minimize the risk of infection.

How is chlorhexidine saponaceous used?

Saponaceous chlorhexidine (2 or 4 percent). We recommend moistening your hands and forearms, applying 5ml of this solution, washing for a minute and then rinsing and drying.

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