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What is Dragon Fruit?

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Dragon fruit gets its name from the scaly shape of its skin. It is also known as pitahaya , which should not be confused with pitaya , although they look a bit similar. That is a very common mistake, despite the many differences, such as one having spines and the other not.

The pitahaya comes from a cactus, which is why it can be grown in regions where water is not abundant. Its size varies between 10 and 6 centimeters . And its taste is very sweet. Dragon Fruit An interesting point about the plant that produces it is that it feeds on the moisture of nearby plants.

Dragon Fruit Properties

The consumption of pitaya is recommended in many places thanks to its properties, which influence the functioning of the entire body.


The iron it provides to the body allows it to carry oxygen throughout the body.


It allows to increase the number of platelets, thanks to the calcium present in the pitahaya. In addition, this mineral also serves to strengthen the bones.


Both vitamin C and E help limit oxidative action, which is caused by free radicals.


As the pitahaya has a lot of fiber, it allows regulating the functioning of the intestinal flora.

This fruit has excellent components. To learn more about each one of them, you can use the study Pitahaya

Cultivation, physicochemical characteristics, nutritional composition and biochemical compounds .

Dragon Fruit Benefits

The benefits that a fruit offers usually determine how important it is. Dragon Fruit Therefore, we can say that the pitahaya is one of the best . Tatiana Zanin, nutritionist, highlights some of these benefits.

Improves the State of Cells

The antioxidant properties of pitahaya allow it to improve and strengthen the state of cells. There are many structures of the body that benefit from this effect. For example, the skin manages to improve both its appearance and its health , which helps to eliminate spots, wrinkles, etc.

In addition, this oxidative effect of cells is the beginning of the appearance of cells associated with cancer, so, by eating dragon fruit, oncological diseases can be prevented.

Fight Diabetes

The pitahaya helps diabetics thanks to the fact that it manages to reduce the body’s resistance to insulin . It also helps lower the level of glucose in the blood .

Increase Defenses

The same vitamin C, essential for its antioxidant properties, among other components that this fruit has, allows you to strengthen the body’s defensive system. It is able to help deal with viruses, bacteria and fungi .


It should be tolerated in mind that additional is not good , even with this very beneficial fruit. Its consumption should be modest so as not to affect the functioning of the digestive system. As for the disadvantages of the pitahaya

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