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What Kind of Fruit is the Blueberry?

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The blueberry belongs to the group of berries , whose main characteristic is that the pulp covers one or more seeds. They require a cold environment to grow to maturity, so their origin is attributed to Russia and the eastern part of North America . Today, it is available worldwide because of the increase in cultivation and trade
Besides being sweet, it is also high in acidity.In fact, in some of its varieties, there is greater acidity than in others. Properties of blueberries

One of the properties that stand out the most in blueberries is the antioxidant. This is due to the presence of organic acids and anthocyanins, which allow it to adopt its particular color. Within these we find cyanidin, malvidin and petunidin, apart from vitamin C, which this fruit also has.

They also have Other Features:


This is thanks to the calcium they contain. It increases the number of platelets.

Immune Protectors

The high content of vitamin B6 provides the elements that the body needs to defend itself.


According to the Mayo Clinic website, the Blueberry consuming blueberries increases the amount of iron in the body, essential for oxygen transport.

Bilberry Benefits

Thanks to its properties, the consumption of blueberries allows excellent health results

Reduces The Adverse Effect Of Radiotherapy

People suffering from cancer have radiotherapy as a treatment option, but this can cause negative health effects. Fortunately, as the Evaluation of blueberries as potential radioprotectors points out , the consumption of this fruit has a positive influence on health , especially by reducing the adverse effects of radiotherapy.

Improves Eyesight

Vitamin A is one of the elements that most helps eye health. And since it is present in blueberries, its good effect on eyesight is recognized. Thanks to this, problems such as lack of hydration or eye fatigue can be prevented .

It also prevents conditions such as cataracts , caused by a lack of collagen in the eye area. That is why many expert ophthalmologists recommend it.

Strengthens Brain Function

The oxidative effect suffered by cells influences the appearance of different conditions. This occurs even in the functioning of the brain. If not controlled in time, you can suffer from different diseases, including Alzheimer’s. The good news is that the consumption of blueberries can slow down this appearance.

According to the results obtained by the Academic Health Center of the University of Cincinnati, in a 4-month study, the positive effect of cranberry on this class of conditions was discovered.

Cranberry Uses

Regarding the use of blueberries, the first option is to consume it directly. It can also be used in the galley for making all kinds of sweets, such as jams, jellies, cakes, etc. There is the possibility of using it in the preparation of liqueurs, although only the blue presentation can be used to obtain the best product.

Risks And Contraindications Of Blueberry

Although it is a fruit with beneficial properties, some points must also be taken into account to avoid side effects.


Blueberries contain several chemical elements, although in small amounts. To avoid problems, excessive consumption should be avoided.

Interaction with Drugs

If medications are being used, a doctor should be consulted to find out if blueberries affect your metabolism.


Since blueberries affect the amount of sugar in the blood, they could alter the physical state of those who suffer from this disease.

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