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How Does A Wounded Narcissist Act?

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Faced with the allegation with which he feels hurt, the narcissist closes ranks, uses lies and insults instead of dialogue, or, what is worse, promotes a crusade against those who question his criteria.

What hurts a narcissist the most?

The narcissist lacks empathy, it is a language that he does not master. Being focused on himself, on his desires and needs, he is not able to put himself in another’s place, he does not recognize the feelings and needs of the rest, and it is useless to test what the other person can feel in the face of his attacks.

How to win the battle against a narcissist?

The best way to nullify a narcissist is to not be afraid of them. This kind of people base their power on the insecurities and fears of the rest. They are very attentive to the weak points of the rest to attack where it hurts.

When the narcissist punishes you?

When the narcissist stops getting enough supplies of flattery from his environment, a feeling of rage appears, he begins to perceive that he is no longer held in such high regard, that the other person has devalued him and reacts to this new situation.

What do narcissists hate?

Narcissists hate – and try to avoid it by any and all means – feeling weak or showing weakness, exactly because deep down, this is how they feel: they have low self-esteem, even if they do everything they can. what is possible by hiding it both from themselves and from the rest.

How to disarm a narcissist?

The key to nullifying a narcissist is to examine the value of what he says or does, without being enthralled by the charm that he usually has. The most essential thing is not to fear them, since they generally seek to intimidate those who confront them.

What is the weak point of a narcissist?

A very obvious weakness of the narcissist is his inability to self-reflection and self-analysis. They are useless to look inside to understand themselves, to delve into themselves. In general, they are full of defense mechanisms to not admit their multiple insecurities.

What is behind a narcissist?

Narcissistic personality disorder (one of multiple genres of personality disorders) is a mental disorder in which people have an inordinate sense of their relevance, a deep need for excessive attention and respect, troubled relations, and a lack of empathy for others. the rest.

How does a narcissist feel when they beat him at his game by ignoring him?

Narcissists believe that they have the right to direct and supervise the lives of those around them, apart from feeling the need to monopolize their attention. For this reason, Wounded Narcissist Act when someone ignores them, they feel their narcissistic ego totally hurt.

What is the worst thing that can happen to a narcissist?

The worst thing you can do to a narcissist is take your attention away from them. The fact that, without your attention, the narcissistic cycle, and its manipulation techniques, are of no use to it. Wounded Narcissist Act The narcissist without your attention is absolutely nobody, apply zero contact and not only will you have won each and every one of the battles, but rather the war.

What kind of people do narcissists seek?

All this makes them establish difficult relationships, which can be described as toxic since there is a basic inequality: narcissists try to establish relationships with people who offer them admiration, affection and idealization, with whom they feel that their ego is continuously elevated.

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