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When Should A Lumbar Belt Be Used?

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Lumbar belt are used for patients with chronic pain or low back pain. Thus, they improve the stability of the back, providing security in movements. Lumbar girdles must be prescribed by a specialist.

What does the lumbar belt prevent?

The objective of a lumbar belt is, eminently, the containment of the area and the relaxation of the back muscles. In addition to this, it prevents the patient from making movements that worsen the injury.

What is an internal muscle girdle?

The innermost muscle layer of the log is known as the Internal Unit. Its function is to hold the column stable by maintaining load. It is our “natural belt or safety belt”. These muscles are activated to stabilize the vertebrae and pelvis when we move a weight.

What is a tubular girdle?

This girdle gives the precise heat to combat diseases of the lower back. It is indicated for those people who for different reasons cannot use a girdle with velcro closures. The predisposition of the cotton to the outer fabric improves the tolerance of the garment.

What type of girdle can be used for low back pain?

Cotton girdles: primarily provide warmth in the area and containment and union of the abdomen area. They are recommended in the case of mild lower back pain and conditions that require heat, and also as postoperative and postpartum support.

When should a safety belt be used?

Usually, the cases in which the use of these is recommended is in cases of acute low back pain, in which the pain does not disappear and is incapacitating for the patient, preventing him from carrying out routine activities.

What girdle is good for back pain?

Reinforced lumbar girdles: they support and possess the lower back and the sacred area, apart from helping to improve functionality and reduce back pain. They are recommended for moderate or severe lumbar pain, postoperative pain and sciatica.

How to drive with low back pain?

As long as the patient has symptoms, such as pain, loss of strength and sensory disturbances, he cannot drive. Rest, physiotherapy with massages and recommendations to prevent exacerbations including advice on driving are recommended.

What is a lumbar belt?


What is a lumbar belt? A back brace is an orthotic aid for the lower back, the goal of this device is to contain the lower back and the sacred area of ​​the back. As a general rule, lumbar belts are used for patients with chronic pain or low back pain.

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