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How to delete a bookmark on Mac – When browsing the internet, it is natural to bookmark too many websites for your convenience.

It is important to delete those we no longer need from time to time. So how exactly do you delete a bookmark? Here are some steps to remove bookmarks from your MacBook in different browsers.

Delete bookmarks in Safari

Here’s how you can delete a bookmark in Safari.

Launch Safari by clicking on its icon.

Click on the sidebar in the leftmost corner of the screen. The sidebar gives you one-click access to the items you use most.

The sidebar gives you access to three things; Shared with you, bookmarks, and a reading list.

An aerial view of waves breaking against the shore.

An aerial view of a field. A road crosses the upper right corner.

Be sure to click on Bookmarks. This gives you a list of all the bookmarks you have previously saved.

Now select the bookmark you want to delete by clicking on it.

Click Delete. Now you have successfully deleted a bookmark.

An alternative way to remove bookmarks in Safari

Launch Safari on your Macbook.

You will be able to identify a row of bookmark shortcuts placed in favorites on the screen.

Control-Click the bookmark you want to delete.

Click Delete.

Delete bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox

Here is how you can delete bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox:

Start the Firefox browser by clicking on its icon.

Click on the application menu on the browser window’s far right.

Click on the Bookmarks option once the slide appears.

Select the bookmark you want to delete.

Control Click on the selected bookmark.

Select the Delete option. You have successfully deleted your unwanted bookmark. Delete as many as you want.

Delete bookmarks in Google Chrome

Here is how you can delete bookmarks in Google Chrome:

Start Google Chrome.

Click on the triple dotted line option on the far right of the top menu.

Select the Bookmarks option once the slide appears.

Click Bookmark Manager.

Control-Click the bookmark you want to delete.

Click Delete.

If you want to delete multiple bookmarks in Chrome, press the Command key while selecting the bookmarks you want to delete. Continue with the control-click and select Delete.

How to view bookmarks using hotkeys on Mac?

You can also press a few vital keys on your keyboard to access bookmarks quickly. Here are some shortcut keys to view bookmarks in different browsers on your Macbook.

Safari Ctrl+ Command+ 1
MozillaFirefox Ctrl+Shift+B
Google Chrome Command+Shift+B
microsoft edge Ctrl+Shift+O

How to organize bookmarks on your Macbook?

If you are overwhelmed with many bookmarks, you can organize them into different folders for easy access. Organizing your bookmarks significantly saves you from having to pull them out of the list of many. You can separate your work bookmarks, hobby bookmarks, inspirations, and more by following simple steps.

Head over to Safari, click the sidebar icon, and hit Bookmark when the slide appears.

Under Favorites, Control-click in the available space and select New Folder. You can also choose to control the click just below any saved bookmark.

After renaming the new folder with your custom title, you can drag your previous favorites into it. Drag a bookmark and drop it into your new folder.

You can now organize your bookmarks into specific folders.
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