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What does the W stand for in foundations?

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W stands for in foundations – For this reason, it is identified on the packaging by acronyms: the cold you will see by ‘cool’ (C), the hot by ‘warm’ (W), and the neutral by ‘neutral’ (N). But the tone is usually delimited depending on the color: the clear one is called ‘ivory,’ the medium ‘beige,’ and the dark ‘bronze.’

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What does the letter C in makeup mean?

And the initial C corresponds to the word Cool which means cold. It represents the cold tones that are the ones with yellowish and golden hues.

How do I know what makeup is suitable for me?

The base’s primary function is to match the tone of the face but not to change it; for this reason, the perfect style is the one that blends with the line of the jaw. If you have warm skin, use foundations with yellow and gold undertones. If your skin is cool, choose foundations with more rosy undertones.

What do the letters in the makeup shades mean?

About the letters and numbers in makeup bases Actually, the letter indicates the undertone and the number, the hue (from lighter to darker): C: for a warm undertone that tends toward yellow. NC: ishowsthe most golden warm undertone. N: Neutral undertone that tends towards beige.

What is a Double Wear?

The long-wear foundation that remains flawless for 24 hours is known as the double-wear foundation. Light as air, it regulates fat, natural and pleasant. A foundation that does not move and does not “melt” with heat or humidity.

How to find the base shade?

Identify your undertone: To select a suitable base, we must know the undertone of our skin color. Regardless of our tone, the skin can be more pink, olive, yellowish, or with a bluer undertone.

What does NW stand for in Estée Lauder makeup?

It represents the cold tones that are the ones with yellowish and golden hues. When these initials are accompanied (or not) with an N, it means that it is a Neutral (or neutral) tone, which as a general rule (depending on the firm), means that it has a beige hue or the same amount of pink and yellowish pigment.

How to locate my foundation shade in other brands?

How Foundation’s base search engine works To use Foundation, you have to choose which shade you know suits us best from the makeup bases we have at home, and its s, the search engine returns what would be the correspondence of other brands. You can filter the result if you want to find one.
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